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We are a family of innovators.

We trust in the power of the human spirit. The individual. The limitless ability of the human mind to generate ideas, solutions, goals. In a world where technology is increasingly becoming substitute for human emotion, Harris Fabrication aims to put its fingerprint, its character, into every project we complete. The technology we use in our shop, while state-of-the-art, does not define the parameters by which we build our success. We celebrate the people behind the technology. Our business exists to nurture personal growth, ensure civic prosperity, and fulfill the needs of many. Our people are central to that mission.

If Harris Fabrication sounds like a good fit for you, please browse our open positions below!



CAD Designer

$20 to $30 hourly based on experience

Topeka, KS


The CAD Drafter/Designer is primarily responsible for technical CAD work in preparing structural steel and sheet metal design and layout of fabrication details for our fabricators and welders. Also must be able to uses 3D modeling software to create customers’ projects virtually.


$18 to $25 hourly based on experience

Topeka, KS

Welds and assembles metal pieces and products by using handheld welding equipment. Sets up parts for welding; uses hand tools, clamps, jigs and fixtures. Works from specifications, drawings and weld symbols. Prepares and completes work on materials by welding, cutting, grinding and cleaning metal.

CNC Machinist/

$20 to $30 hourly based on experience

Topeka, KS

The CNC machinist is responsible for the production of precision machining and assembly equipment. This position requires an individual with experience in machine shop operations, as well as knowledge of all aspects related to manufacturing processes such as assemblies, assembly procedures, etc. 


$12.00 to $18.01 hourly based on experience

Topeka, KS

The receptionist is responsible for directing the public, customers, visitors, and other interested parties to the location of departments, offices, and employees within the organization. Also, this position will perform other related duties as assigned, which include preparing computer generated reports, answering phones, and maintaining schedules and appointments for Harris Fabrication management staff.

General Laborer

$12 to $17 hourly

Topeka, KS

The ideal candidate arrives for work on time and is receptive to learning. Takes pride in their work and values being productive and efficient. Entry-level position w/ training available. Opportunities for additional training and increased skill sets are available with additional compensation, such as laser and press brake operation.


$15 to $22 hourly based on experience

Topeka, KS

The finisher is responsible for sanding, buffing, and polishing metal assemblies and welds to create a smooth surface finish and cleaning metal parts using wire brushes or grinders to remove paint, rust, or other surface contaminants. Any experience or knowledge of stainless steel/food grade finishing or coatings/paint is a plus!