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Your partner
in superior craftsmanship.

Innovative metal fabrication solutions under one roof.


We are an area leader in providing fully fabricated and assembled products for a variety of industrial applications.


Along with our partner shop, we are capable of welding and fabricating to structural specifications.


As experienced welders, fabricators, and machinists, we can create nearly anything you put in front of us!

Why Choose Harris?



Harris Fabrication is committed to the timeless virtues of honest communication, unparalleled quality, and complete customer satisfaction. Our business exists to provide security to our employees, services to our customers, and assistance to our community. From humble beginnings to what is now a full-scale operation at our 40,000 square foot facility on 10 ambitious acres, we continue to hold true the belief that our workplace is a flash point for our employees to succeed, our customers to feel at ease, and our vision to continue to grow. We are innovators. We are craftsmen. We are family. We are forthright.

We just happen to be a metal fabrication company.


What We Offer


Laser Cutting

Our laser is capable of cutting large format at an impressive speed. We want to provide the best service and the most accurate cuts in the region, and our laser is more than equipped for the job.  Our laser operator is trained to handle any cutting situation that may arise, from intricate and unique pieces to high-volume uniform production runs. We also have the capability to cut and profile tube and piping.


Metal Forming

In order to achieve the highest quality results, every plate, sheet, tube, and bar we start with has to be formed to exact specifications. From large scale projects to high number production runs with many parts, our machinery and the employees behind the wheel can maximize the economy of production, saving everyone time and money. Our beamline makes this process highly efficient, especially for structural projects.


Machine Shop

Everything that comes out of our machine shop is held to the thousandth, and in some cases, to the half thousandth. We rely on the knowledge of our staff and our own state-of-the-art machinery to provide you with machined products of the highest quality. No matter the size or difficulty of the task, we can take care of your needs. Let us work for you.


Welding Services

Our weld shop is fully equipped to handle structural, production, custom, and specialty welding. As far as our capabilities as a weld shop go, they are virtually limitless. Stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, aluminum--we can do it all. From oversize and structural, to food-grade and custom work, to mass quantity production welding, Harris Fabrication is your number one choice for quality and consistency.


Finishing & Paint

Most of the jobs that come through our shop require paint or powder coating, galvanizing, or passivation for cleaning stainless material. We follow paint specifications to the letter, and always keep a large variety of paints and coatings on hand. Our painters know that the final coating of your project is what makes all the difference between a good product and a superior product.


Assembly & Logistics

We assemble most of the projects we fabricate, which can range from simple parts assembly to intricate piping, to the full installation of pulse timer panels, level probes, and electrical systems. If we don't know how to do it, we will bring in an expert to help us get the job done. We also package and arrange for shipment, and depending on the distance from our facility, will personally deliver your project.

Endless possibilities.


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Harris Fabrication is featured in the July/August issue of TK Business Magazine! Click here to read more.

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