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Who We Are


Think of the business world as an ecosystem. The community of vendors, manufacturers, and customers are linked together through a self-sustaining partnership of supply and demand. Our vendors are important to us; they provide us with the materials we need and, in turn, we continue to order their products in an effort to help strengthen their company. Similarly, we provide our customers with the products they need, and they support our business. It's a life-cycle that continuously feeds itself, and we are grateful for the mutually beneficial relationships we have formed with each and every one of them.


Because they're not just helping a company keep its doors open; they are feeding families, giving hardworking men and women a sense of pride, and helping us give back to our community. They are responsible for a whole host of positive achievements within the lives of our employees. We want them to know this because we are thankful that they rely on Harris Fabrication to get the job done. We want them to know this because it is something that does not go unnoticed by us. Partnerships are powerful, and they run deeper than who you interact with on a daily basis.

If our philosophy sounds too good to be true, then you deserve to be in better hands. Call us today.

Our shop is built on a foundation of strong partnerships.

Core Values


We stand by our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our relentless dedication to crafting products of superior quality has earned us the respect and loyalty of quality-minded clients worldwide.


Honesty and respect are priceless to us. Our company does everything that other metal fabrication shops do, but with customer service that consistently outshines the competition.


The rapid growth of our company and customer base has helped inspire an attitude of innovation in regards to exceeding our clients' needs and expectations. We like to push boundaries!

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