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processor cutting a structural beam


Our custom metal fabrication capabilities are limitless.

Harris Fabrication has one of the largest-capacity laser systems in our region. Our shop can process structural steel. We employ a combination of state-of-the-art wave pulse welding technology and traditional welding techniques. We use reverse passivation to clean our stainless for a flawless finish. Our machine shop's mill and lathe can handle virtually any machining challenge. We have a beam processor that allows us to complete structural jobs. Our Cobot Welder provides us with incredible precision on production runs while affording our craftsmen more time to focus on truly challenging projects. We have electrical technicians and project engineers who can help us expand our abilities past typical job shop applications. More recently, we welcomed to our property the addition of a new high-bay building with multiple overhead cranes and the capacity for large-scale custom and structural projects. We can do anything that other metal fabrication shops can do, and more.


But we don't like to let our capabilities define us. We reach beyond what our machines can handle. Our team is the true powerhouse behind what we are capable of doing for our customers. These employees strive to do their best work, all the time, every single day. Harris Fabrication is an environment that encourages fun, family, art, vision, trust, teamwork, learning, building, integrity, and equality. No one person is more important to our team than any other. Skills are replaceable, but an employee's personality, drive, and contributions are not, and we live by that philosophy. We are capable of anything, as long as we turn ideas into action.

So how does that benefit your business? 

Our team takes pride in maintaining a reputation as regional leaders in quality metal fabrication. We establish credibility and cultivate existing partnerships through honesty and integrity, exemplifying expectations and modeling behavior from the top down. Our talented crew continues to break barriers within the industry by offering innovative solutions. Below are a few examples of how we deliver world class manufacturing to our customers.

Full Cycle Solutions

From purchase order to shipment, we ensure that your project is held to specification as it's tracked through every stage of production. 

Industry Specialists

Our team is comprised of both industry veterans and young employees with an innovative spirit, and we love to help our employees demonstrate continued growth.

Quality Commitment

We strive to complete each project correctly and on time the first time, and achieve  superior craftsmanship through rigorous quality assurance standards.

Comprehensive Reports

Throughout the fabrication process, we use industry best practices to establish thorough documentation and transparent reporting for each and every project.


MITSUBISHI RX4020 Laser: can cut up to 80" x 160" material, Jet pierce, PHXS head, Diamond Path Technology, High Peak Piercing, cutting speeds of up to 1,000 ipm, cuts up to 1" material thicknesses.

PythonX SPG Beamline: 8-axes of robotic plasma cutting, 4-sided cutting, plasma cuts up to 3.3″ deep, pipe cutting for both straight and bevel cuts up to 16″ OD. Contact us today for full range of capabilities!

SAFAN DARLEY 150-200T (200-4100NS) E-Brake: 100-ton, capable of bending up to 1" of material, 3/8 full-length, multiple dies and punches, full CNC to accommodate all bent parts.


MCA/DAVI Four Roll: ability to roll plate up to 15mm thick. A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls in a single motion. Minimum roll diameter: 8"

MARVEL Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw: 15” x 20” cutting capacity, 1.25” blade, 60° mitering left and right, 48” double ball screw automatic bar feed with high speed travel for faster cycle times, direct Force Sensing Electric Feed combining more consistent feed force with greater control, direct positioning feedback on automatic bar feed, precision linear ways on column, automatic bar feed, and guide arm, inverter blade drive with sensorless vector control, and quick change column design, adjustable from 90° to 3° forward cant.

MASTERPIPE Mini Profiler: a 2-axis, CNC pipe cutting machine capable of cutting and profiling pipe with an outside diameter of 1 to 12" and a length of up to 25'. Ability to cut straight, miter, saddle, centerline offset, multiple intersection, round/rectangular/overlapping pipe hole, and gusset slots.

HURCO VMX0i CNC Mill: coolant-through-spindle technology for preserved accuracy, conversational part probing allows hands-free part and inspection probing, and tool probing for more accurate measurements.


HURCO TMM10 Lathe: live tooling lathe with 4' magazine style bar feeder.

HIREBOTICS UR20 Cobot Welder: Miller Cobot Welding Package with Invision 352 MPa pulsed welder and S74 feeder, Tregakiss Tough Gun MIG welding gun, Siegmund 5' x 10' table, and Smart Puck welding software.

OTC DAIHEN DB 400 welders with aluminum and stainless feeders, MILLER SYNCHROWAVE 350 for TIG welding (Our welders are certified in accordance with AWS D1.1 , D1.3, D1.6 standards).

COATING AND FINISHING: We use a variety of high-quality coatings to make your project look just right, and use a passivation system and cleaning booth to clean stainless welds and make them shine without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals.

ASSEMBLY & LOGISTICS: Our team assembles most of the projects we fabricate, which can range from simple parts assembly to intricate piping, to the full installation of pulse timer panels, level probes, and electrical systems. If we don't know how to do it, we will bring in an expert to help us get the job done. We also package and arrange for shipment, and depending on the distance from our facility, will personally deliver your project.

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